Festival of Lights Lives on in 2013!

FOL Cropped Lights

When Carol Brown and Sue McCormick announced last year they would no longer co-chair the 15-year-old Festival of Lights Parade, they anticipated someone would step up and take the reins.

But with the holiday season on the horizon and no appointed leader, the future of Rapid City’s annual light parade looked dim, until Connie Olson, development director of Youth and Family Services, stepped up to reignite the magic.

With Olson now at the parade’s helm, Brown and McCormick are confident the Black Hills Tradition will continue and look forward to officially retiring after 15 years as co-chairs.  According to Brown, “Sue and I, and our committee members: Elaine Karsky, Steve Malone and Nan Oukrop, are all committed to facilitating the smooth transition of the Parade.”  McCormick adds, “Connie’s heart is in the right place and she’s going to do a wonderful job of continuing this event for our community.”

Olson has already begun parade preparations and wants parade goers and participants to know “The 2013 Festival of Lights parade will remain the same spectacular event it’s been for the past 15 years—Rapid City’s premier winter event!”


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